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Asphalt Paving

API Construction Corp. specializes in asphalt paving for commercial, industrial, municipal, and all other civil clients in the areas of Northeast Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Northwest Ohio. 

Our projects include the construction of parking lots, walk paths, subdivisions, city streets, county roads, state highways, and airports. 

With two asphalt plants, a fleet of paving equipment, dump trucks, and the ability to operate multiple paving crews, API can handle anything from small patch and repair jobs to very large new construction projects.  


Pavement maintenance is one of the most important, but often the most overlooked or neglected element of a public work’s road maintenance program. 

All asphalt and concrete will crack due to freezethaw, thermal expansion/contraction, and stress/strain due to loading. What is important is what is done to control cracking and to prevent water from entering the cracks and making its way down to the subgrade. Our fiberized crack fill process focuses on the latter. 

Once moisture enters a crack, the damage begins to occur. Water can enter a crack year-round and make its way down to the earth subgrade, which will eventually lead to the subgrade softening and lessening its ability to support the overlying pavement. The result of this is pavement failure and potholes. During the winter months and the freeze-thaw cycles, the expansion of the moisture inside the cracks turns into ice and causes pieces of the pavement to pop out and to start forming the “pothole. 

Our process uses manufactured polypropylene fibers blended with a standard paving grade liquid asphalt such as PG 64-22 to form the crack fill mixture. Prior to crack filling, cracks are normally cleaned and blown out with compressed air. The mixture is then extruded under pressure into the cracks with a hand-held wand. After crack filling, the cracks are rolled with a static roller to provide a flat and compressed 3″-5″ swath over the crack. 

Modified asphalts such as PG 76-22 can be used in high foot traffic areas to help eliminate tracking. 


Once the pothole forms it becomes necessary to fill these quickly to prevent them from becoming larger and causing damage to vehicles. API makes two types of cold mix asphalt that is used year-round to combat potholes by Departments of Transportations, County Highway Departments, Municipalities, and Private Customers. 

Our standard cold mix is referred to as MC-250 Cold Mix and is an excellent spring, summer, and fall blend that is also very economical. It is similar in gradation to an INDOT #11 Surface and is made with 100% crushed limestone coarse aggregate with natural sand for the fine aggregate. 

We also produce a High-Performance Cold Mix referred to as BMP. This product can be used year-round but is most effective during the winter months because it stays more pliable and is easier to work with during cold weather. It is similar in gradation to an INDOT #12 Surface and is also made with 100% Crushed limestone coarse aggregate with natural sand for the fine aggregate. 

API Construction Corp.
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Asphalt Manufacturing

API Construction has two INDOT certified asphalt plants that are utilized to best serve our customers. In addition to serving our own crews, we also service and supply county highway departments, street departments, driveway pavers, and other contractors with the best service and asphalt products available. 

Asphalt Plant #1 (INDOT #3342) 

1633 N. County Line Rd. (CR. 72), Huntertown, IN 46748 


Asphalt Plant 1 is located at 1633 CR 72 (Allen/Dekalb County Line Rd.), Huntertown, IN. From I-69 exit 112 in Fort Wayne, take Coldwater Rd. North to the County Line Rd., turn east and travel approximately 1.0 miles. The plant is located on the north side of the road. It serves the north Fort Wayne and Allen County area as well as Dekalb, Noble, and Whitley Counties in Indiana. It also serves portions of Defiance and Paulding Counties in Ohio. 

Asphalt Plant #2 (INDOT #3390) 

225 S. 600 W., Angola, IN 46703 


Asphalt Plant 2 is located at 225 S CR 600 W., Angola, IN. From I-69 exit 148 near Angola, take US 20 West to CR 600 W, turn north and travel approximately .25 miles. The plant is located on the west side of the road inside the Irving Gravel Pit. It serves Steuben and Lagrange Counties in Indiana, portions of St. Joseph, Branch, and Hillsdale Counties in Michigan, and portions of Williams County in Ohio. 

Asphalt Quality Control 

Our Quality Control Laboratory at Plant #1 is utilized to monitor the quality of products produced at both plants to ensure that they conform to job specifications. This lab is certified and inspected annually by INDOT and is staffed by INDOT certified technicians. Our testing equipment is new and modern, allowing us to monitor and evaluate “Superpave” and “Marshall Mix” designs for use on INDOT, FAA, and other projects.  


The asphalt paving and road building industry has been “green” long before it became fashionable to do so. Today, asphalt and concrete are 100% recyclable. It is not trash nor is it considered hazardous waste, as so many people think. Rather, these products can be recycled over and over again from old roadways, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, foundations, etc. 

Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) is also crushed and sized and then blended back into virgin asphalt mixtures at rates between 15% and 40%. It can also be used as an aggregate base. Recycling these products prevents them from ending up in dumps and landfills, while at the same time conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. 

Today, API Construction Corp accepts clean waste asphalt at both of our asphalt plants for recycling. There is no dumping fee for this material. 

API Construction Corp.
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Concrete and asphalt often go hand in hand on many projects. Concrete curbs, sidewalks, curbface walks, driveway approaches, and handicap ramps are routinely part of many projects. Concrete is one of the few items of specialty work that we do not perform with our own forces. 

API Construction Corp.
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The earthwork phase of any project is literally the foundation of what you are building. It is the beginning of a project, and it is crucial that the work is done correctly. If the structural integrity of the roadway, parking lot, or other structure is compromised, it will have adverse effects on the durability and lifespan of what you place on top of it. We routinely have to deal with issues of differing soil types, high soil moisture contents, proper compaction, soil stabilization, geo-grids, undercutting, displacements, dewatering, etc. 

We feel that one of our greatest strengths as a company is that we perform most of the major work components of a typical project with our own forces. 

This includes all of our own earthwork, grading, and other “prep work.” It is somewhat typical in our industry for many of our competitors to contract this work out to the least expensive subcontractor. We feel that by doing this work inhouse, it gives us the ability to better control the project’s schedule and final outcome or quality.  

API Construction Corp.
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LAND Construction Corp.
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Underground Utilities



Underground utility construction for storm sewer and sanitary sewers can present their own unique set of challenges. Enough so that we feel it is necessary that one company devote its time, energy, and personnel to performing this work. LAND Construction Corp. specializes in seeking out the toughest of underground jobs, and the team enjoys the challenges of constructing them. These jobs regularly include deep open cut excavation, large diameter pipe, dewatering, and poor soil conditions requiring trench shoring and sheeting. Doing this work requires that we have the right equipment available. From large excavators and loaders to trench boxes, generators, and pumps – we have the right tools available to tackle the challenging work. 

LAND Construction Corp. performs all types of underground work from shallow to deep, and large diameter pipe to small. They normally perform all underground work for API Construction Corp. on road and paving projects. 


Not all underground work is deep and treacherous. Watermains and forcemains are generally shallow, but again provide their own set of challenges to construct. LAND has installed forcemains as small as 4″ diameter and waterlines up to 42″ diameter. Open cut, trenched, directional drilled, under roads, across rivers, through creeks, and attached to bridges – we have put them just about everywhere. Since these installations are under pressure, attention to the construction of joints and fittings is critical. These tasks require experienced and properly organized crews along with the necessary equipment to quickly and efficiently get the job done correctly and on time. 


Many of our competitors seem to shy away from lift stations, but we at LAND enjoy the challenges they present. By definition and need, these structures are usually placed at the lowest point of elevation in the area that is being served. A lot of times these areas are in poor soils and often require dewatering and shoring or sheeting to hold back the walls of the excavation. We have installed lift stations up to 30′ in-depth and 8′ in diameter. Our crews typically do all the internal piping and mechanical work, subcontracting out only the electrical portion of these projects. 

API Construction Corp.
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LAND Construction Corp.
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LaOtto, IN 46763

Railroad Construction


New track construction is the backbone of the work that we do. This work consists of sub-ballast, ballast, ties, rail, etc., and is performed routinely for new industrial facilities as well as expansion of existing facilities. This work also includes turnouts, grade crossings, and signal work. Experienced employees and the necessary specialized equipment such as tampers, regulators, backhoes, and excavators can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 


Our engineering services include surveying, track design and layout, feasibility studies, and cost estimates. Our staff includes professional engineers and civil engineering graduates with the experience to handle tough situations. 

LandRail, Inc. also offers and encourages customers to utilize our inspection service to head off potentially dangerous and costly derailments before they occur. We suggest monthly inspections, but we are happy to adjust schedules to fit our client’s needs. Our inspection includes a thorough visual and mechanical inspection of the facilities, plus written documentation as to the findings. 

We also suggest routine preventative maintenance at specified time intervals. This can often be done at the same time as the inspections and includes lubrication of switches, tightening of switches and bars, and repairing of gauge tolerances, if possible. 


LandRail, Inc. offers 24-hour emergency service 7 days a week for rail repair-related emergencies. We understand that rail damage caused by derailments or other accidents often happens after traditional work hours and that they need an immediate response. 


LandRail, Inc. is equipped to handle routine site preparation. However, if the project calls for extensive earthwork and/or asphalt paving, this can be handled through our related entity, API Construction Corp. API offers complete site preparation including clearing, grubbing, common excavation, pipework, and asphalt paving. Our companies routinely work together on larger rail projects thus providing the owner with one source for design, earthwork, and track construction. 


LandRail, Inc. provides removal services for all types of tracks. This is common in facilities that are being converted to other uses or at locations where tracks are no longer utilized. Depending on the type, size, and quality of the rail, the salvage value of the material often exceeds the cost of removal. Therefore, no charges for removal are normally invoiced to the owner. 

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