The earthwork phase of any project is literally the foundation of what you are building. It is the beginning of a project, and it is crucial that the work is done correctly. If the structural integrity of the roadway, parking lot or other structure is compromised it will have adverse effects on the durability and lifespan of what you place on top of it. We routinely have to deal with issues of differing soil types, high soil moisture contents, proper compaction, soil stabilization, geo-grids, undercutting, displacements, and dewatering etc.

We feel that one of our greatest strengths as a company is that we perform most of the major work components of a typical project with our own forces. This includes all of our own earthwork, grading and other "prep work". It is somewhat typical in our industry for many of our competitors to contract this work out to the least expensive subcontractor. We feel by doing this work in house, gives us the ability to better control final quality and schedule.

Earthwork Pictures