Crackfill & Cold Mix


Pavement maintenance is one of the most important, but often the most overlooked or neglected element of a public work’s road maintenance program.

All asphalt and concrete will crack due to freeze thaw, thermal expansion/contraction, and stress/strain due to loading. What is important is what is done to control cracking and to prevent water from entering the cracks and making its way down to the subgrade. Our fiberized crack fill process focuses on the later.

Once moisture enters a crack the damage begins to occur. Water can enter a crack year round and make its way down to the earth subgrade, this will eventually lead to the subgrade softening and lessening its ability to support the overlying pavement. The result of this is pavement failure and potholes. During the winter months and the freeze-thaw cycles, the expansion of the moisture inside the cracks into ice causes pieces of the pavement to pop out and to start forming the "pothole".

Our process uses manufactured polypropylene fibers blended with a standard paving grade liquid asphalt such as PG 64-22 to form the crack fill mixture. Prior to crack filling, cracks are normally cleaned and blown out with compressed air. The mixture is then extruded under pressure into the cracks with a hand held wand. After crack filling the cracks are rolled with a static roller to provide a flat and compressed 3"-5" swath over the crack.

Modified asphalts such as PG 76-22 can be used in high foot traffic areas to help eliminate tracking.

Cold Mix

Once the pothole forms it becomes necessary to fill these quickly to prevent them from becoming larger and causing damage to vehicles. API makes two types of cold mix asphalt that is used year round to combat potholes by Departments of Transportations, County Highway Departments, Municipalities and Private Customers.

Our standard cold mix is referred to as MC-250 Cold Mix and is an excellent spring, summer and fall blend that is also very economical.  It is similar in gradation to an INDOT #11 Surface and is made with 100% crushed limestone coarse aggregate with natural sand for the fine aggregate

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We also produce a High Performance Cold Mix referred to as BMP.  This product can be used year round but is most effective during the winter months because it stays more pliable and is easier to work with during cold weather.  It is similar in gradation to an INDOT #12 Surface and is also made with 100% Crushed limestone coarse aggregate with natural sand for the fine aggregate.

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