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If you are interested in financing your project with API, please complete the credit application form below.

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Net 30 Days. Finance charge of 2% on past due balances. Make payments payable to API Construction Corp., PO Box 191, LaOtto, IN 46763

  I promise to pay my monthly purchases within the terms stated above. I further, assume responsibility for all invoices contracted in my name at the above address. In the event it becomes necessary for your company to incur any collection costs or suits to collect under this agreement, the form submitter promises to pay such additional costs of collection and such sum as the court may judge reasonable as attorney's fees on said suit. Additionally, I hereby authorize API Construction Corp. to inquire into the status of my account standing. I also give my banking institution authority to release any such information concerning my account(s) as it pertains to making purchases by check for products from API Construction Corp.

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